Saturday, June 23, 2012

12 Reasons for Taking a Spirometry Test on World Spirometry Day 2012

If you identify with any of the reasons below, take a spirometry test to check out your lung health.
  1. You are, or have been a smoker
  2. You have been more breathless in recent years
  3. You can’t walk up the stairs without experiencing shortness of breath
  4. You can’t exercise as well as you used to
  5. You are worried about your performance during sports and exercise
  6. You have had a cough for many months or years (e.g a smoker’s cough)
  7. You tend to wheeze in recent years
  8. You cough up mucus (phlegm) even when you haven’t got a cold
  9. You have previously been given treatment (e.g. an inhaler) for a lung disease
  10. You have worries about your lung health
  11. You feel as though you're not getting enough air
  12. You experience pain when breathing in or out

Please note: Some lung symptoms may have causes which will not be detected by spirometry. If you have symptoms such as coughing up blood, weight loss, or develop a new symptom which seems to be getting worse, it is important that you consult your doctor.

Friday, June 22, 2012

27 June is World Spirometry Day 2012

World Spirometry Day (WSD) 2012 will take place during the Olympic year. The campaign focuses on sport and the lungs, and resources are provided for all those organising testing events related to the Olympic theme. WSD 2012 will launch on June 27 but testing will not be limited to this day alone. Participants are encouraged to capitalise on the Olympics and hold events in the run up to the games on July 27 and beyond.
I share with you my presentation, which was dedicated to the Launch of World Spirometry Day 2012 in Moldova.

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