Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quit smoking: Italian version!!!

Today we are presenting you Smettere di fumare fumando, the movie by Italian director Gianni Pacinotti
From 40 to zero cigarettes at once. This Documentary was filmed the first ten days of tobacco abstinence. The result was a movie!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Strategies of Prevention of Respiratory Diseases in Moldova

Dear Respiratory friends I would like to share with you my presentation about New Strategies of Prevention of Respiratory Diseases from National Health Forum from Moldova 23.11.2012!
It is on New program of prevention of Respiratory Disease in Moldova and study of Burden of Obstructive Lung Diseases in Moldova! Now we are looking for funding of this study! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunday Respiratory Video: LIFE IN SMOKE - UNA VITA IN FUMO

November is a Lung Cancer Awareness Month!!
Respiratory Decade is supporting all Respiratory initiative!
Today we are posting Life in Smoke - Una Vita in Fumo is a short-film created completly by our Italian friend Gianluca Fratellini. The story tells about Phil, a man like everyone else yet different, has a mother that smokes. They have an unusual experience of meeting the world of cigarettes, which changes his life, as well as the lives of others.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Opening of the photo exhibition „STOP TB! Tuberculosis - A worldwide menace“ 9th of November 2012

Today we are happy to present you special report from our friend Cordula from Take That TB organization about the opening of photo exhibition dedicated to Tuberculosis! We are highlighting today tuberculosis as one of the dangerous communicable disease, which can be prevented and treated with success!
Tuberculosis is a forgotten illness in Europe. In many other parts of the world this illness is still rife  and shows in connection with AIDS a menace for the world health.  
On the 9th of November 2012 the photo exhibition „STOP TB! Tuberculosis - A worldwide menace“  was opened. It was carried out in cooperation with the stop TB Partnership. 
The exhibition shows impressing photo reports from  photojournalists like Pulitzer prizewinner David Rochkind. They all have documented the situation of tuberculosis patients worldwide for several years. After an introductory talk of the epidemiologist Dr. Stefanie Castell of the Helmholtz centre Braunschweig that inspired the audience by its descriptiveness, possibilities of the fight against TB were discussed with a high-carat occupied panel discussion. During this panel discussion Dr. Peter Reff of the KfW developing bank said, ’It is a scandal that all 20 seconds a person must die because of a remediable illness like tuberculosis. Prof. Dr. Klaus Fleischer of the German leprosy and tuberculosis relief (DAHW) underlined that tuberculosis is above all a poverty illness. Mrs. Diekwisch of the pharmaceutical campaign BUKO and Mrs. Heykes-Uden of the tuberculosis advice centre of the region Hannover agreed that poverty fight, the improvement of the living conditions and access to education are most important components in the fight against tuberculosis.
The appearance of Cordula whose tuberculosis illness was not recognised in Germany more than 15 months by several doctors was very moving. The courageous young woman reported that many doctors did not recognise her illness for a long time and she also talked about unawareness about tuberculosis. Now the young woman fights together with the German leprosy and tuberculosis relief (DAHW) and with her own patient organization for a better understanding and knowledge of the illness in Germany. „ Such cases show us that we must fight for more awareness of tuberculosis in Germany, and our exhibition contributes an important part to it“, both curators Harro Schmidt and 
Dr. Matthias Stehr added.
The exhibition runs from November 10th to December 16th 2012 in the arts centre “Faust” in Hannover. 

Opening hours:
Thursdays + Friday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday + Sunday 2pm - 6pm

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WORLD COPD DAY 2012: Global effort to fight COPD!!!

Today is World COPD Day 2012! One more step for increasing of awareness at the global level is done! Many people made today many things for promotion of COPD around the world! Many people performed today Spirometry for the first time! 
But what unmet need in COPD we are having?
Somebody will say this is early detection, somebody will say its treatment, somebody will say prevention is the most important thing! But we are sure that we cannot realize nothing without AWARENESS for COPD! Awareness this is what we need! At our opinion awareness can be raised by respiratory professionals, with limitation of the influence of pharmaceutical industry! Unfortunately its very easy to talk about awareness, but its so hard to create it! More than 550 COPD SUPPORTERS joined us on WORLD COPD DAY on facebook!! With your help we are becoming the most attended World COPD Day 2012 worldwide!!  
Just do it together! 
Spread the WORD!!!
It is just 4 letters C-O-P-D!!!!

World COPD Day is a global RESPIRATORY effort to expand understanding of COPD and advocate for better care for RESPIRATORY patients. Organized by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD), the Day is marked by activities implemented by health care professionals and patient groups throughout the world!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Use COPD GOLD Ribbon!!!

Use COPD GOLD Ribbon this month for helping us to spread the word and increase awareness for COPD!!! We are continuing COPD awareness Day and also month! 

We started this week with this:
Something missing? ;) Its place for our COPD GOLD Ribbon! Spreading the word!

And finished with this:
We are finding missing yesterday COPD GOLD Ribbon! Thanks to Ulrich Kuemmel!

Monday, November 5, 2012


We are happy to present you post from Kandy Blankartz!! Thank you Kandy!
I am writing this to remind you that November is COPD AWARENESS Month, the day of November for COPD AWARENESS is NOV 14, 2012. We hope to persuade you to add simple spirometry screening for COPD to all your community relations education events during November and on World COPD DAY.
There are many COPD groups a person can join to get help on the internet and on Face Book. They are all there willing to help you. There is EFFORTs, COPD Support, USCOPD Coalition, COPD Friends for Friends, COPD Support. These also are of help, Gold website, NLHEP, These have life styles tips, current trial information, awareness campaign activities, books and magazines resources.
As you know COPD is now the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Usually COPD is not usually diagnosed until people have begun to show obvious symptoms. By then they may have already may have lost 50% of their lung capacity. Spirometry is very important for testing your lungs. Inexpensive spirometry are available at our local hospital.
The theme this year for COPD AWARENESS is "Its Not To Late"!! 

Kandy Blankartz
Mobridge, SD