Monday, November 5, 2012


We are happy to present you post from Kandy Blankartz!! Thank you Kandy!
I am writing this to remind you that November is COPD AWARENESS Month, the day of November for COPD AWARENESS is NOV 14, 2012. We hope to persuade you to add simple spirometry screening for COPD to all your community relations education events during November and on World COPD DAY.
There are many COPD groups a person can join to get help on the internet and on Face Book. They are all there willing to help you. There is EFFORTs, COPD Support, USCOPD Coalition, COPD Friends for Friends, COPD Support. These also are of help, Gold website, NLHEP, These have life styles tips, current trial information, awareness campaign activities, books and magazines resources.
As you know COPD is now the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Usually COPD is not usually diagnosed until people have begun to show obvious symptoms. By then they may have already may have lost 50% of their lung capacity. Spirometry is very important for testing your lungs. Inexpensive spirometry are available at our local hospital.
The theme this year for COPD AWARENESS is "Its Not To Late"!! 

Kandy Blankartz
Mobridge, SD

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