Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WORLD COPD DAY 2012: Global effort to fight COPD!!!

Today is World COPD Day 2012! One more step for increasing of awareness at the global level is done! Many people made today many things for promotion of COPD around the world! Many people performed today Spirometry for the first time! 
But what unmet need in COPD we are having?
Somebody will say this is early detection, somebody will say its treatment, somebody will say prevention is the most important thing! But we are sure that we cannot realize nothing without AWARENESS for COPD! Awareness this is what we need! At our opinion awareness can be raised by respiratory professionals, with limitation of the influence of pharmaceutical industry! Unfortunately its very easy to talk about awareness, but its so hard to create it! More than 550 COPD SUPPORTERS joined us on WORLD COPD DAY on facebook!! With your help we are becoming the most attended World COPD Day 2012 worldwide!!  
Just do it together! 
Spread the WORD!!!
It is just 4 letters C-O-P-D!!!!

World COPD Day is a global RESPIRATORY effort to expand understanding of COPD and advocate for better care for RESPIRATORY patients. Organized by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD), the Day is marked by activities implemented by health care professionals and patient groups throughout the world!!!

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