Friday, November 25, 2011

World COPD Day 2011 in Moldova

Dear RESPIRATORY friends,
We discussed about  World COPD Day 2011 for many times, but now we want to tell you what we realized at the local level!

In November 2011 we organized more than 25 conferences (in the capital of Moldova - Chisinau and all big cities) dedicated to World COPD Day 2011 for family doctors and specialists in respiratory medicine, with presentation about Update of GOLD 2011 by Doctor Alexandru CORLATEANU, GOLD National Leader and ERS National Delegate for Moldova and Doctor Moscovciuc Ana about Local COPD guidelines.  

Also this year we tried to continue our media campaign in social media and blogs! We want to thank you for your support!!!
"Are you short of breath? You may have COPD! Ask your doctor about a simple breathing test called spirometry."
In Republic of Moldova  World COPD Day 2011 was celebrated for the first time! For us it is great result and we will continue to work hard for increasing of awareness to chronic respiratory diseases in the world!

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