Friday, December 2, 2011

Patients for patients: Your role in RESPIRATORY healthcare

Dear Respiratory Friends,
Today we are presenting new exiting RESPIRATORY Competition by Lovexair Foundation from Spain!!!
Its great opportunity for respiratory patients and doctors to enhance the role and impact of new ways and methods of education that will help to chronic respiratory patients from all over the world to be more active and healthy!

The prize: 500 Euros for the winning entry in this competition
How can you win?
Build an educational module for patients with chronic respiratory disease.

 “Patients for patients: Your role in respiratory healthcare” competition helps to share valuable ideas, knowledge and experience mainly from patients with chronic respiratory disease and healthcare specialists in order to create an advanced educational concept that can be used at global level, at low cost.
If you want to participate in this creative and educational programme that builds a permanent support system for patients using their feedback and win 500 Euros for your group or for your organisation:
Create your own educational module that includes content and methods on how best to teach patients or care-givers about managing their illness, their daily-life, or anything that improves their quality of life.

For further information, click here: in 
English or in Spanish

Good Respiratory Luck to everybody!!!

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