Saturday, May 19, 2012

Launch of World Spirometry Day 2012 in Moldova

On 18 May 2012 we organized conference dedicated to World Spirometry Day 2012 in Moldova.
It was official launch of
World Spirometry Day 2012 in Moldova with workshop on spirometry for prepare team for World Spirometry Day 2012 on 27 June 2012.
The 2012 campaign coincides with the Olympic Games and aims to encourage people to exercise and look after their lungs regardless of their age or physical ability. We discussed our plans and details of organization of   World Spirometry Day 2012 in Moldova. 
Furthermore I made a presentation of European Respiratory Society with new membership structure; especially we paid attention to the Silver membership which is absolutely free of charge for persons under 35 years. Such kind of membership can be of great interest for Moldavian students and young doctors, as they can have access to various materials and useful sources.
Also I presented new guidelines in COPD. It is beyond all doubt that the conference had an impact on the audience; it encouraged the active participation in such kind of events and appealed to the main aim - to promote public awareness and to draw particular attention to the respiratory diseases detection and treatment.

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