Monday, December 23, 2013

Our lungs are in your hands

Strasbourg, 10 December 2013: At the morning a five meter big, inflatable lung was stationed in front of the entrance of the European Parliament accompanied by a banner saying “Our lungs are in your hands”. The action was organized by the European Environment Bureau, the “Soot free for the climate” - campaign and the “Clean Air”-project.

During the 2013 European “Year of Air”, the European Commission committed to launch a package of new measures aimed at improving air quality. The European “Year of Air” was officially closed at 10 December 2013 at a conference hosted by the Commissioner for the Environment in Strasbourg but still we haven’t seen a sign of the new package whose adoption was delayed week after week. Therefore Members of the European Parliament in cooperation with NGOs started an action asking for the Commission to propose its package to the European Parliament as soon as possible and to make sure that it will be ambitious enough.  

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