Sunday, August 3, 2014

AIRWAYS-ICPs - Integrated care pathways for airway diseases: new perspective

Dear Respiratory friends please read about new perspectives with AIRWAYS-ICPs project!
Chronic respiratory diseases are major non-communicable diseases. Asthma and allergic diseases occur throughout the life cycle and can begin during pregnancy and childhood. In Europe, they affect 30 million children and adults under 45 years of age. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has an estimated annual death rate of over 4 million people globally. Among the European Union (EU) member states, asthma accounted for an average of 53 hospital admissions per 100 000 population in 2009, and the average COPD-related admission rate was 184. The annual direct and indirect costs in the 28 EU countries due to COPD or asthma are estimated at €48 billion and €34 billion, respectively. Chronic respiratory diseases affect active and healthy ageing. Asthma in children or adults is a common risk factor for COPD in adults. 

The aim of AIRWAYS-ICPs is to improve healthy life years and to reduce burden (emergency visits, avoidable hospitalisations, disability and costs) while improving quality of life worldwide, and, in the longer term, to reduce disease incidence by new and innovative prevention strategies.
AIRWAYS-ICPs has a clear strategic relevance with regard to the EU Health Strategy as it will bring added value to the existing public health knowledge:
  • To propose a common framework for chronic respiratory disease (and for comorbidities) ICPs for the entire EU which can then be expanded to other regions (e.g. the Commonwealth of Independent States) and which will allow comparability and trans-national initiatives.
  • To help risk stratification in chronic respiratory disease patients, using a common strategy.
  • To develop cost-effective policies, in particular strengthening those on smoking and environment exposure.
  • To have a significant implication on the health of citizens in the short term (reduction of morbidity, improvement of education in children and of work in adults) and in the long term (healthy ageing).
  • To propose a common simulation tool for the entire EU in order to assist physicians in the segmentation of patients and in the choice of pathways.

    More information was published last week in European Respiratory Journal: 
    J. Bousquet et al.
    Integrated care pathways for airway diseases (AIRWAYS-ICPs) Eur Respir J 2014 44:304-323; published ahead of print 2014, doi:10.1183/09031936.00014614


  1. Dear Alexandru,

    Thank you for the link to the ERJ article - but we should not forget that included in the UN definition of Chronic Respiratory Disease under Non-communicable diseases (NCD) is Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Apnoea. Efforts should be made to develop policies to address that as well.

    Thank you for all your efforts to share this important information.

    Edward Grandi
    Washington, DC USA

  2. Dear Edward,
    thank you for your comment!
    For sure, OSAS must be included in this project and for the future policies in Respiratory NCD!
    Best wishes,