Sunday, July 26, 2015

CHEST 2015 Guideline: Somatic Cough Syndrome (Psychogenic Cough) and Tic Cough (Habit Cough) in Adults and Children

American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) published Guidelines on Somatic Cough Syndrome (Previously Referred to as Psychogenic Cough) and Tic Cough (Previously Referred to as Habit Cough) in Adults and Children.
Cough occurring in the absence of identified medical disease and that does not respond to medical treatment has sometimes been labeled as psychogenic cough, habit cough, or tic cough. Although these putative disorders should be differentially diagnosed from other forms of chronic cough, such as chronic refractory cough, unexplained cough, upper airway cough syndrome, vocal cord dysfunction syndrome, and cough hypersensitivity syndrome, there are currently no guidelines on how this differentiation should occur. This current guideline aims to assist the clinician when managing a patient with suspected psychogenic, habit, or tic cough.

In children with chronic cough diagnosed with somatic cough disorder (previously referred to as psychogenic cough), we suggest non-pharmacological trials of hypnosis or suggestion therapy or combinations of reassurance, counseling, or referral to a psychologist and/or psychiatrist 
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