Friday, July 29, 2016

24th Congress of the Romanian Society of Pneumology, Poiana Brasov, October 5th-8th 2016: “Exacerbation – quo vadis?”

Dear Respiratory Friends we are happy to invite you to the 24th Congress of the Romanian Society of Pneumology, at Poiana Brasov!
Dear Colleagues,
Dear Collaborators,
I have the pleasure of announcing the 24th Congress of the Romanian Society of Pneumology which will take place in Poiana Brasov between October 5th-8th 2016. This is the natural continuance of the high scientific events that you have all been accustomed already in the previous years; therefore it stays in the responsibility of the organizers to ensure the continuity of values and the promotion of medical novelty.

Pneumology has met a wide development in the last 25 years in Romania. The Romanian pneumologists form an exceptional medical community both from the professional Association’s point of view: the Romanian Society of Pneumology being one of the most active and prolific ones of its kind in the country, and from the point of view of the medical activity: diagnostic and modern treatment according to the international standards becoming already a constant concern of each Romanian pneumologist.
What novelties brings this event of Romanian pneumologists? We propose two directions. The congress will represent a bridge between generations. First, we will encourage involving the young pneumologists, because creating the new generations of specialists in respiratory diseases is essential for the progress of the Romanian field of pneumology. Next to the young ones we want for the senior pneumologists to be present, being invitated throught the financial involvement of the Romanian Society of Pneumology as a humble acknowledgement – of the track records of the forthcoming, development and promotion of the Romanian pneumology as it is presented in today’s medical world.
The second direction goes to the theme of the Congres “ Exacerbation – quo vadis?”, this question refferring to the exacerbation of a series of pulmonary diseases starting with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or asthma to infectious diseases with pulmonary interference or idiopatic interstitial fibrosis.
This direction is addressed to specialists in multiple areas of expertise – for as the modern and actual approach of exacerbations in pulmonary pathology is required to be an interdisciplinary one! The treatment of the respiratory diseases becomes more and more personalized and involves a rising number or medical specialties. So far, a specialist was treating A DISEASE. We must learn to treat together, doctors of different specialties, ONE PATIENT in a particular situation with a certain pathological identity. Quo vadis? – the path is being built now. I invite you to define it and to make it together.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Poiana Brasov!
ruxandra Ulmeanu 
Ruxandra Ulmeanu
President of the Congress
Elected President of the Romanian Society of Pneumology (2016-2018)

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