Friday, May 27, 2011

Unmet needs in COPD: COPD Guidelines 2011

Dear Respiratory friends,

Today I would to share with you my presentation “Unmet needs in COPD” dedicated to modern COPD guidelines. The presentation took place last week at the Congress of Internal Medicine in Chisinau, Moldova.

There can be figured 3 main parts:

  •  COPD is a multifaceted disease
  •  Multilateral evaluation COPD
  •  Priorities in COPD management.

In my report I tried to analyse the new information extracted from different studies and highlight update from COPD guidelines. Also several slides were dedicated to the material referring to the hypothesis – potential link between BODE index classification and comorbidities in COPD patients. I will further develop and present this idea at the European Respiratory Society Congress at Amsterdam in September 2011.

Let me know if you are interested to get this presentation in power point format and simply email me:
I will be happy to get a feedback from you. Thanks!


  1. Thanks Alexandru, I think your direction and vision is very clear. The lovexair education program aims to tackle the "adherence" issue, by ensuring that the program is continuous, enjoyable and motivates the patient users, educators, trainers and professional healthcare people whose patients enrol on the course.

  2. Shane thank you for your comment! Educational programs will help to increase adherence to the pharmacological treatment thus COPD will be managed efficiently!