Sunday, April 15, 2012

Respiratory Decade joins World Allergy Week 2012!

Dear Respiratory friends we have great news: next week is World Allergy Week 2012! This is Global event which is organized by World Allergy Organization! Join this important event! Be a part of this Respiratory event in your country at the local level and you will become visible globally!

The prevalence of allergic diseases worldwide is rising  dramatically in both developed and developing countries.
These diseases include:  
  drug, food, and insect allergy; 
  urticaria (hives) 
This increase is especially problematic in children, who are bearing the greatest burden of the rising trend which has occurred over the last two decades. In spite of this increase, even in the developed world, services for patients with allergic diseases are fragmented and far from ideal. Very few countries have comprehensive services in this field of medicine.

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