Friday, September 14, 2012

Press Conference at ERS Annual Congress 2012: Connection between Parental Problems and Children's Non-Adherence to Asthma Medication

Professor Paul Brand, Princess Amalia children's Clinic, The Netherlands presented a study on parental problems which prevent children taking much-needed asthma medication.

The motive of realising this investigation is the indeterminacy of major barriers which many little patients face while asthma treatment. The research was based not only on clinical cases, but mostly on discussion of hows and whys of (non)adherence. A part of qualitative study consisted in recording and analysing of factors associated with family lifestyles which could be causing low adherence to asthma medication.  
It was established that there are several types of users:

1) Followers manifest stable adherence to doctor's prescriptions.  These are highly disciplined parents who are always aware of giving the medicine to their children. 

2) Self-managers usually look closely at how child is doing. They have a high observation spirit and link the treatment to their schedule. 

3) A highly variable adherence is typical for Strugglers who follow the medication in a disordered way.

4) Chaotic users belong to the families with lower education. They never force the child and are even shocked when the kids do not take the medication. They think of a child as of an adult who is responsible and can do everything by himself.

In-depth interviews have shown that the lifestyle factors often hide behind children's non-adherence to the prescribed medication. It was concluded that parenting problems can be the reasons of ineffective following of the treatment.
Therefore it would be reasonable if doctors would give a genuine interest in what happens with the patient and would encourage the parents to keep a close eye on their child's adherence. Otherwise it will be impossible to reveal and to remove the barriers preventing the appropriate asthma treatment in children.

Respiratory Decade Official Media-Representative at ERS 2012 Vienna Congress

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