Sunday, September 16, 2012

Take That TB: TB has many faces and many languages!

Dear friends, we are happy to present today to you our new partners international organization Take That TB! We had meeting at Vienna and discuss about this exiting project dedicated and created for patient with tuberculosis.

We are publishing very inspirational manifesto by Take That TB:

We are a group of former patients from Europe and Australia and we are trying to build a meeting area “From Patients For Patients”.
Our aim is the exchange between patients and the discussion about our experiences with TB.
We want to be a platform for patients on treatment and for former patients who want to exchange about their experiences with TB.
We want to be a chatroom for patients in isolation.
While others are busy working hard in the fight to develop better drugs and treatment regimes, we want to be a place for patients to get the support and understanding that only other patients can give…
Collectively we can offer great support to each other, and help raise the awareness of TB in our communities, and help remove the stigma this disease has unfortunately associated with it.
We welcome doctors and hospital staff to join us, to help you understand TB from another point of view… to help you have another resource to offer your patients to help them through their experience. 

We want to talk about our experiences during treatment and afterwards and make the stay in hospital a little bit better.
As a result of our exchange we want to make an ebook / book or journal with TB patient stories from as many countries as possible. We want to write this in our / your mother tongue (and English) to show that TB can be found worldwide and that TB has many faces and many languages!!
Not all patients have the possibility to use the Internet for information and many patients also have no computer.
So this document should also show these patients that TB has got not only THEM but many others, from all countries, all age groups and all social classes.
It could be support for the TB patients on treatment and a review for former patients.

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