Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo exhibition at Hannover: STOP TB! Tuberculosis - A Global Threat

"STOP TB! Tuberculosis - A Global Threat. "Under this title, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover cooperates with the Stop TB Partnership for the first time. A large selection of photos of the "Images to Stop Tuberculosis Photo Award 'in Europe following the successfully conducted, great photojournalism project (the Stop TB Partnership in Rio de Janeiro) will be shown by the work of five internationally renowned photographer Jean Chung, Sailendra Kharel, Riccardo Venturi, David Roch Child and David Orr. The photojournalists have documented the situation of TB patients worldwide.

Picture by Jean Chung

Showing more than 50 photographic works and four photo stories as a multimedia presentation, the large-size exhibits impressively show the suffering and the hope of the people who are affected by tuberculosis. In the exhibition, unique shots from different countries are shown, which are most affected by the disease, such as India, Nepal, Sudan and Brazil. The representation of a Sudanese boy who is cared for by his parents lovingly or moribund patients in an Indian hospital left a profound and lasting impressions. Other photographs show patients treated successfully and provide unique examples of the perseverance of the individual and the hope for a cure, despite serious illness.

Picture by Jean Chung

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