Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Awareness for Respiratory diseases: European level

European Respiratory Society produced documentary for increase awareness for Respiratory diseases.

Bridging the Health Divide in Europe: Reducing inequalities and the impact of austerity measures on respiratory healthcare

This European Respiratory Society Vision documentary was produced to help raise the awareness of inequality of healthcare across Europe, notably in respiratory medicine. Bringing together experts from different organizations such as the European Respiratory Society, World Health Organisation, EuroHealthNet, this video addresses important issues that are affecting respiratory healthcare in today's difficult economic climate.
The European Respiratory Society hosted a critical summit this summer to discuss the growing problem of health inequalities in Europe.
The key event, which brought together leading experts from politics and health, created an opportunity to implement change and address the issue of health inequalities, which are becoming even more apparent during tough economic times.
The aim of the summit, entitled ‘Bridging the Health Divide in Europe – exchanging experiences to reduce avoidable health inequalities and preventable respiratory diseases’, was to follow on from goals set out in the Tallinn charter. The event allowed healthcare stakeholders to exchange experiences on the best ways to deal with health inequalities.

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