Friday, April 8, 2016

From smoking to COPD – current approaches in 2016 (full text from Pneumologia)

Our new article was published in ‪#‎Pneumologia‬: from ‪#‎smoking‬ to ‪#‎COPD‬: current approaches
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) remains a leading cause of death all over the world. Even though it is the most intensely studied disease induced by cigarette smoking there are still incomplete researches concerning its pathophysiology and treatment. So far it has been determined the deleterious effects of the secreted molecules diversity and some feasible therapies for their diminution.
According to current studies more relevance gains the possible autoimmune origin of COPD and the epigenetic modifications. The idea of autoimmunity in smoking induced COPD began to be speculated with the discovery of autoantibodies in patient's serum, but there are some studies who consider antibody complexes that reside in the lung tissue as more relevant for future research. By developing the autoimmune aspect of COPD it will become possible to select more precise treatment strategies. The importance of epigenetic changes in this field might be appreciated starting with the fact of an existing connection between epigenetic modifications induced by maternal smoking and latter COPD development. This explains the tendency toward different drugs capable of restoring these transformations such as deacetylation agents expected also to prevent steroid resistance. Nevertheless smoking cessation remains as the indispensable approach for COPD treatment and prevention.
Keywords: COPD, smoking, epigenetic changes 
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