Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April is Sarcoidosis Awareness month

Hello To Everyone!

April is Sarcoidosis awareness month! Sarcoidosis Global Social Network would like to express gratitude and appreciation to all its members this April 2011!  

It is now 2011 and three years after the US Congress declared April as National Sarcoidosis Awareness month in 2008 with the H. Res. 1149 In the House of Representatives, U. S. April 30, 2008.

Sarcoidosis is a multi system disease of unknown etiology. Public awareness research and funding is essential. Sarcoidosis Global Social Network is asking all to join and bring on the challenge this April 2011.

This April 2011, let us build upon advocacy public awareness as individuals and on a global scale. We can focus on promoting research for the management and cure of Sarcoidosis disease. Everyone can devote a bit of time reaching out to the public in some creative way to the public and communities via medical, lawmakers, media and pharmaceutical companies et al.

Let us focus and build upon existing findings and strive for stronger laws and research for the unknown etiologies of Sarcoidosis. Everyone has the creative tools and resources to do so! Know act is thought to be too small or large!

Please remember that ‘one individual’ can make the difference. Let us all be that ‘one’ individual and join as a global advocate community! We all can promote and build toward the ultimate goal, finding a cure. Sarcoidosis is not a wall but a hurdle that can be overcome with the right resources, dedication, solutions and time.

Let us all do our part and make a difference in reaching goals for new treatments and support all individuals who live with Sarcoidosis this April 2011 and for the years to come!

Below are examples that we all can participate in or implement in April 2011 and beyond to make an impact:

~ Write you’re U.S. Senator’s or a Representative! ~ Become an advocate or partner in an organization(s)!
~ Promote advocacy & policy benchmarks! ~ Utilize social media platform(s) to build to a global audience!
~ Donate funding research via non-profit corporation (501 (c)(3) or foundation!
~ Other ideas? Implement and share them!

Thank you everyone for all your support and participation! Sarcoidosis Global Social Network is looking forward in viewing the impacts that helped build the promotion of April's Sarcoidosis public awareness month!

Beth Motzfeldt-Wagemann

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