Thursday, April 7, 2011

RESPIRATORY DECADE invites you to European Respiratory Society 2011 Annual Congress in Amsterdam

We invite you to participate in European Respiratory Society 2011 Annual Congress in Amsterdam!

European Respiratory Society 2011 Annual Congress in Amsterdam will be the largest and the greatest  Respiratory event of this year! 

Program of the Congress is very variable: there are Educational and Scientific parts, also will be organized special exams HERMES: European examinations in Adult respiratory medicine and in Paediatric respiratory medicine.
Educational part: 19 Postgraduate courses, 1 Workshop, 18 Meet Professor Seminars and 4 Early morning Seminars. For Scientific part was created a programme that covers novelties and most recent data presentations. The ERS 2011 Annual Congress Scientific Programme features 46 day-time symposia, with a further 23 evening symposia. Hot Topic sessions include 'fixed ratio or other ways to define COPD: what can we learn from others'; 'the value of patients as partners in research', 'bone marrow-derived stem cells in respiratory diseases: a future therapy?', 'new dimensions in respiratory clinics', 'recent therapeutic advances with tyrosine-kinase inhibitors in non-small-cell lung cancer', and 'exhaled biomarker profiles in paediatric respiratory disease: from bench to bedside'.

Now its available:

We look forward to meeting YOU in Amsterdam, September 2011, capital of the Netherlands and, for five days, international capital of RESPIRATORY medicine and research.


official press-officer of RESPIRATORY DECADE on European Respiratory Society 2011 Annual Congress in Amsterdam

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