Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Greetings from Respiratory Decade

Dear Respiratory Decade friends,

We want to wish Happy Easter to you and your families!
We are grateful for your outstanding contribution to Respiratory Decade in the world and your continuing support of Respiratory Decade campaign!

We will be happy to know your opinion about Respiratory Decade: what we need to change or what you can propose for the future development of our initiative!

Respiratory Decade is a young organization but we are realizing good things by supporting of our members, by promoting of lung health all over the world, by implying new partners in the project! Also Respiratory Decade is trying to share with their readers Respiratory events organized by world known respiratory societies like European Respiratory society and results of modern respiratory research!
Recently Respiratory Decade decided to take part in the preparation and promotion of United Nations High Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases that will take place in September, 2011.

We try to create social media Respiratory platform:
  • with online tools which can facilitate conversations about Respiratory diseases;
  • with connections between Respiratory friends, peers and influencers;
  • with international collaborations;
  • with a call for humanizing personas and audiences, and the stories that link them together;
  • with compassion;
  • with words, pictures, video, chatter, audio, and also experiences, observations, opinions, news, and insights.

Breath with us on:


It is a pleasure for our team to have you here signed up for our action on Respiratory Diseases!

Happy Easter!

Best regards, 
On behalf of Respiratory Decade team

Alexandru Corlateanu, MD, PhD

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