Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Real Lung Champion from Australia: Esther Overton

Today we are posting one more inspirational story of the Lung Champion: Esther Overton!
22 year old, Esther Overton, is an Australian Paralympic swimmer.

Esther was born with a condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which affects her from the neck down. All of her joints are fixed, meaning her bones break easily. She refuses to let her disability prevent her from achieving her goals and has risen to the top of her sport.
In 2008 just 9 weeks before Esther was due to compete at the Beijing Paralympics, she suffered a collapsed lung during a physiotherapy treatment. She was determined to compete despite still struggling with breathing issues when she swam. She finished fifth in the 50m backstroke and sixth in the 50m freestyle.
She has also held Australian records in the S3 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle,100m backstroke and 50m butterfly.
Esther said:
When I suffered a collapsed lung, I was determined to get in the pool and do my very best because I had trained all my life for that moment. Back then I was disappointed with my results but now I realise that I was very lucky that I was still able to compete and final in both of my events.
Anything is possible if you are willing to try and work hard.

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