Wednesday, August 1, 2012

World Spirometry Day 2012: The Lung Champions campaign

Today we are starting preparation for World Spirometry Day 2012 campaign:  5-km Lung Run, which will take place during the European Respiratory Society Congress in Vienna.

As part of the World Spirometry Day 2012 campaign, various people with lung diseases have been recognised as 'Lung Champions' as a result of their personal achievements in sport and activity.
Norwegian rower, Olaf Tufte will compete in his 5th Olympic Games at London 2012. Few rowers have competed in 5 Olympics, and even fewer have competed four times in the single sculls race during the Olympics.
He has won two gold medals and one silver medal in Olympic competition so far, and is on target to contend for a fourth medal.
Olaf’s achievements put him at the pinnacle of the sport and place him in the small group of the sport’s most-admired athletes. He has reached the top of his game, despite having asthma.
When Olaf is not competing on the world stage, he works on his family’s grain and forestry farm, which involves daily, strenuous work out in the weather, crops, dirt and dust. These conditions could cause problems for a person with asthma, but Olaf is disciplined with managing his condition to carry out his work.
Olaf was the only Norwegian rower to compete at the 2008 Olympics. Not content with keeping national glory to himself, Olaf resolved to inspire the next generation of rowers in his country and bring them up to international standard, ready for London 2012. 

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